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I really dont know lately. but it seems that i do, my life is alternating once again, its always a big change, and the transformation i think will it be disrupted will the change and formation not take palce in it s full context.will i be a plant that grows , a plant where the buds and flowers not form where that point isnt the fruits wont grow. wont have that step that part in its existance, that sensitive moment, in its transformation, turmoil unheathly soildirt,i feel formation, i feel things coming out but at the smae time i gasp and struggle in this process i struggle to reach my roots out to the soil to moisture, imediate layering dry deprivedsoilclaylike crack rock and mulch of burnt down garage and glass from brkwn car windowplastic cardboard boxes laid out to make path into growing but it only decomposes to but where is this moisture? i do not know any other place,where ? i dont know? where can i find it? where do i go? i have no idea where it may be but i havae 360o degree radius all around me and i can turn which ever way,

but maybe its already but i dont know i struggle to find moisture im

see but i must end this here

i cant continue this peice ill come back and finish this i do not have the resources to continue this but thats what i
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